Freeskating ÔÇô Freestyle Skating ÔÇô Street Skating ???

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Freeskating ÔÇô Freestyle Skating ÔÇô Street Skating ???

Postby toetwister » Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:40 pm

IÔÇÖm confused. Are they different things or do they cross over?

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Re: Freeskating ÔÇô Freestyle Skating ÔÇô Street Skating ???

Postby Acidedge » Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:50 pm

Freeskating, or freeriding, is freerunning (parcour) on skates. To skate from one point to another quickly, regardless of obstacles.

Freestyle skating is an umbrella term used for a number of different skating disciplines, usually: freestyle slalom, speed slalom, jumps, slides, riding stairs and freeskating.

Street skating is skating (usually some distance) on city streets. If you're an aggressive skater, street skating is performing rail slides, jumps, grinds and star-rides in a street setting as opposed to in a skatepark.

Street skating usually involves just skating; i.e. no tricks. There are a number of organised street skates in the capital, including LondonSkate and The London Friday Night Skate. Freestyle skating is a name we give to a number of different disciplines, including freeskating. Freeskating will involve a lot of street skating - skating on streets - but with the addition of other freestyle tricks such as jumping over benches or rubbish bins, riding down some stairs, sliding on ledges, etc. So yes, there's some cross-over. I suppose the easiet way of looking at it is that freeride (a freestyle skating discipline) is a combination of street skating and aggressive street skating.

Hope that's made things clearer!

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