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brighton skate routes

Postby kris » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:44 pm

for those of you thinking about attending the brighton skate we now have some great routes to take and some nice long down hill runs too.
if any skaters want to come and have a go at the roader coaster run on a fri night then let me know via the brighton skate facebook page,oh this was a comment after our first test run ;-)

Ernesto Forner Fernandez
This was the first ever U.S.B.F.N.S. (Unofficial Suicide Brighton Friday Night Skate) and it has probably been the best skate ever in my entire whole life. Thank you very much Kris, Edd, Dániel and Mick for such a wonderful night. The going up the hill with the bus and then coming down at such speed was just amazing ;) I hope this was only the first of many more to come ;)

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