S3 Powerslide Foot Size ... vs Seba

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S3 Powerslide Foot Size ... vs Seba

Postby RideAndRoll » Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:39 am

Hi guys, I am slowly but surely making my mind on the pair of slalom skates I would like to get..

I have SEBA FR1 UK Size 9 (43), I have also try the Seba High, and they seem to fit me in size 9 also. Now for my question, I've read here and there that the S3 from Powerslide are prety small. So what size do you think I should get? Size 10 or 11?

Also, I have pretty narrow feet, so do you know if the S3 would be a good choice?

And if you have S3 and have any comments to do about that skates, feel free to let me know, that would help a lot to finally make up my mind on what pair of slalom skates to get ;)

Thank you all very much for the help!

Julien - www.rideandroll.eu

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Re: S3 Powerslide Foot Size ... vs Seba

Postby cjstudios » Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:00 am

Powerslide have 2 flagship skates the S3 and the Hardcore EVO.
The EVO is prices a little higher because it is made of carbon fibre and hence lighter and gives you more support. however, it has a very wide ankle area whcih doens't sound rigth for you. the toe area is very narrow however so it depends on which part of your feet are narrow.

the S3 on the other hand has a narrow ankle area, and a decently wide toe area. It is also more responsive ( probably the material which moulds to your foot better ). unforatunately there isn't a Carbon fibre version in the market. which means the S3 loses out to the EVO when it comes to support and weight. There's one other point to note about hte S3, you cannot shift the frame forwards and back unlike the EVO, and the S3's frame position is slightly biased to the back. which means it's easier to toe wheel and harder to heel wheel.

Both powerslide skates are lighter than the SEBAs and have greater support on the toe but less on the heel. If you're indifferent to the fitting of the boot, I would recommend the Hardcore EVO. it's a better skate the current S3.

As for sizing you probabyl want a 44 ( 1 size higher than the SEBA size ) that seems to be a good rule of thumb for most of us, but try the skates before buying.

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