BladeRunner Pro XT Assistance?

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BladeRunner Pro XT Assistance?

Postby xiAstro1ix » Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:21 pm

So i came across this forum while hunting down a solution to my problem, i'd like to say hello to all i'm Astro!
Second off i live in the USA, Maine. The roads here are terrible and full of rocks/crap paved roads and such.
I'm using Bladerunner pro XTs with 80MM 82A wheels that i just replaced, and the other day my Ankle bolt popped out while i was almost home from a 10 mile skate.
Now i just spent 80$ on the bearings and wheels, i dont want to spend another 100$ replacing the whole thing. Is there a way to replace just the ankle bolt? i'm having trouble finding a dedicated replacement part site.
The bolt looks like it passes through the plastic of my skate then snaps into place to the back end.
Any help is appreciated :)

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