TruRev Switchblade frame

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TruRev Switchblade frame

Postby RollerRalfy » Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:58 pm

Does anybody out there have any experience with TruRev Switchblade frames?
I'm making the transition form fitness speed Skate (K2 Radical 1OO which I'm selling) to an intermediate race speed skate. as you know the Skate Market can get very confusing with so many different varieties on offer and deciding which skate is going to suit your level.
I'v boiled my options down to a boot that offers a bit more ankle support than the ultra low cut boot - Powerslide R4, Bont Semi-Race. And to start out with a HiLo frame set up (110,100,110,110) then eventually moving up to 4 X 110.
I liked the idea behind the TruRev Switchblade as this give the option to change from HiLo to 4x110, using the same frame. it seems a good idea, and i would have thought popular, I'm baffled why the info is so vague around this product?! Any advice on eIther of the above mentioned product would be great.


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