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Speed laces

Posted: Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:05 pm
by Shaw
It's 2013, I shouldn't have to be tying shoelaces still, so this is good news:
The velcro strap looks awful, but hopefully the speed lacing will catch onto other skate models.

In the meantime though, I've also been experimenting with various other lacing alternatives.
Niteize Knot bones. More trouble than they're worth, doesn't really work well with thick laces either.
V-ties. Just bought a few of these, and they're too small for my skates. They don't seem sturdy enough to be used with skating even if they were big enough.
Plastic doohickies. They work well enough, and operate on the same principle as lock laces.
Xlaces, or a knock-off of them. haven't tried them yet, but knot-less systems seem to work better with elastic laces so they seem promising.

In terms of actual laces, I've found that paracord (the neon green ones seen above) is very sturdy, but lacks aglets which is a problem for skates with small eyelets, although this might be solved by making your own aglets with heat shrink tubing. I hear a lot of hockey players prefer waxed laces, so those might be preferable to unwaxed as well.