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Postby Phil » Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:46 am

Name: Phil
Started skating: 1989 in sunny Wales

First skates: no brand crappy quads, they were green, purple and black.

Quad History: Pacer, then Roces Athens, then I had several models of Bauer Turbo but kept breaking them and buying the same model again because Roces stopped making quads(until recently).

Inline history: Roces Rome inlines, got them in '97 used them 3 times then converted them into quads, which were rubbish. Mission Hockey skates(I forget the model no). Hypno Breeze, Salomon Demax, Mission Pro 350, Salomon 3vsl, Salomon Brandon Campbell with Salomon 3vsl frame, Rollerblade Twister with Viper frame (had these for 2 weeks before selling them), Seba High v1, Seba High v2, Seba FR1, Seba High Carbon.

Ice Skates: CCM, Mission Fly

(I've probably forgotten about a few pairs of skates as well)

Fave Skates: Possibly my Roces Athens quads

Style: random

Other info: I've been sponsored by Seba for the last few years, but have retired from the competition team now.

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