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Postby lurch » Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:19 am

Name: lurch
Started skating: 1991, antipodean style.
First skates: Oziskates - plastic fantastics; Roches LAX, K2 PowerExtreme, Salomon TR Custom, Seba FR1, Bont Jet, Seba High... etc.
Fave skates: I used to love those TR Customs but they fell apart after a mere 10 years. Realisitically they had horrible support compared to more modern offerings.
Style: Whatever works.
Other info: Yes I was watching the Adams family when I registered on the forum. No I will not answer your doorbell.

The skate community in London and internationally is composed of the most welcoming overlapping circles of friends I've ever had the good fortune to encounter. Long may it continue.

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