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Postby GumbieBEN » Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:03 am

Name: GumbieBEN
Started skating: 2001
First skates: Salomon Verse.
Fave skates: Bauer V "ankle Fuckers"... from when I used to skate a lot.
Style: Street.. badly.... if you hear my voice on the LondonSkate you are too slow!
Other info: ICP level 1. Broken Ankle

Have met more, closer and better friends from skating than from ANYTHING ELSE!

Have a reputation sometimes as a bit of a bitch (whether on or off a bench) and one of what some people call 'The CLique' but in all honnesty I'm as shy and socially inept as the next person... and 'The Clique' is actually just a group of people that bother to talk to each other!

So if you think anyone on here is a little aloof or bitchy... just come over and say Hi on the skate, in the park or at the Vic... we don't offend easily... and do actually suffer fools quite gladly!

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