Getting back into the swing of it

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Getting back into the swing of it

Postby Stoo » Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:17 pm

Hi all, I've lurked a bit as a guest but I thought I'd join up and make it "official" as it were :)

I used to do a lot of skating back in the mid-late 90's, and I thought I'd start it up again, but my venerable old K2 Power Extremes decided against it and promptly fell to pieces.. (Plastic degraded and literally fell to pieces as soon as I stood up in them..)

So it looks as though I'm in the market for some new skates at the very least - I'm rather tempted by the Seba skates - possibly the Trix or High Carbons. Any other thoughts?

I'd be mostly fitness skating to start with (need to get into shape again after far too long not doing a lot), then perhaps trying my hand (or feet more like) at a bit of slalom once I was up to speed again 8)

I had a decent level of ability at the time (forwards, backwards crossovers, side surfing, single foot crouch and had started getting balanced on two wheels iirc), so hopefully it'll all come flooding back without too many bruises long the way :mrgreen:

Oh yes, I'm in North Suffolk btw just in case there are any other members around here :)

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