hello hello, seba high?

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hello hello, seba high?

Postby coycoyc » Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:54 pm

hi, peace and love to all rollers
i'm Kate Coyc, I live half/half Derby/Manchester, study Light, Sound and Live Event Technology, make dreads and i'm russian ;)
I just bumped into your forum and I hope you can help me.
I'm trying to somehow buy seba high with 200 quid. yup, that's all i've got :oops:
I found some for for 180 (skatecrazy.net), but they are in US :|
and prolineskates seem to have just sold last model(which was my size!) for 179 a couple of days ago (even though I asked them to wait a bit, aaahhh :cry: )
I searched all internet through and i'm getting desperate atm, but i can't give up, cause I can't do one-wheel in my old powerslide cell 2 anymore :(
you have any other ideas/ways i haven't checked? i'm in London at Friday, maybe you know some exact places or shops i should go?

To finish with smth and say thanks for any help in advance I give you some of my old pics from our local roller photo contest :)


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