Hello all. Old fella, new pastime.

Introduce yourself and ask anything you like about the forum or skating - no question too stupid

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Hello all. Old fella, new pastime.

Postby Tinbox » Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:38 pm

Hi everyone.

Now I've turned 50 I decided it's time to come clean and admit I enjoy inline skating despite being rubbish at it still. I've had a couple of lessons and have struggled a bit with feeling confident in one of my ankles but I think things are finally looking up. I'm way too heavy to be doing something as mad as skating by I can't help but enjoy the feeling when everything seems to click (and I don't mean my old hips!).

I'm up in Northampton so miss out on the great London scene and am a bit jealous of the lucky devils down there. Think I'd like to get into freestyle/slalom as well as doing some longer distance skating for fitness and just showing folks I'm not quite ready to be planted just yet.

Well that's me, enjoying what I've found in here so far.


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Re: Hello all. Old fella, new pastime.

Postby ziggy » Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:24 am

Welcome Paul/Tinbox - it's fine to be rubbish, enjoying it is more important. Plenty of people here not far off 50, anyway :)

You'd progress much quicker if you spent a few Sundays in London - have a think about it when the weather gets warmer.

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