Bremen 4.+5.9. Special Event + WeserInlineTour

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Bremen 4.+5.9. Special Event + WeserInlineTour

Postby Skateclub » Sat Jun 26, 2004 4:22 pm

Some skaters from this forum want to come over to the weser inline tour 04 on sunday. Now we (Skateclub Bremen) have organized a little 'Skate-Day' (Indoor) on the day before, the saturday. More reasons to come along for the whole weekend, I hope.
We have in mind to play a lot of rollerbasketball, rollerfrisbee, soccer and do some slalom for sure.
If you want to come over, you can contact me (peter) at the rollersoccer cup in London or in Eastbourne, so we can find some beds for you (privat).

If you need a ticket for the Sunday Tour (92 km in very nice landscape)
you please contact

hope to see you

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