Nice (France) Vendredi Night skate in November

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Nice (France) Vendredi Night skate in November

Postby Phil » Sun Sep 05, 2004 9:33 pm

Anyone interested in Doing the Nice VNS (Vendredi Nuit Skate - trying to avoid the F word :) ) in November, they only do one Night skate a month and there are cheap flights on offer from Easyjet at the moment.

I'm thinking about flying out on Friday 26th November and coming back on Sunday the 28th November so for me thats just one day off. I've asked a few people that I know who spend a lot of time over there and they say it's still warm in November but gets dark early and is a bit cold in the Evenings. Flights are cheap from both Bristol and Gatwick and I've got a list of decent hotels.

The Flights are only cheap (less than 50 quid return) untiil Midnight tomorrow (Monday 6th September) so we need to book quickly if we go for it.

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