Waitrose Belgravia - Sunday Strollers Please Read!

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Waitrose Belgravia - Sunday Strollers Please Read!

Postby lurch » Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:46 pm

On Sunny Sundays a lot of Sunday Stroller's like to hang out in the park after the skate for a picnic, an activity that usually goes hand-in-hand with a visit to the nearest supermarket for solid and liquid supplies shortly after 4pm. The nearest and most popular supermarket destination is the Waitrose Belgravia branch, at 27 Motcomb Street SW1X 8GG just south of the park. Many Sunday Strollers are quite familiar with it.

On Sunday the manager of Waitrose Belgravia, a nice man named Jim, noticed that I had a LM vest tucked under my belt as I entered the store and politey took me aside to ask a favour. That favour was to put the word out about the following points.

First the good news: Jim and his staff like us and are, on the record, happy to let into the store on our skates. Waitrose Belgravia is, frankly, pleased to accept the custom of skaters and happy to accomodate our uniquely wheeled patronage. However Jim does have to consider the shopping experience of, and feedback from, his non-skating customers. He therefore humbly requests that please, can we observe the following guidelines while shopping at Waitrose.

1) Please GO SLOW inside the store. You should always skate in control anyway, just be sure and do it inside the supermarket too. Remember the other customers are not on skates, they can be suprised and maybe a little intimidated by all these huffing sweaty six-foot-and-taller scruffies with wheels on (my description of course, Jim put it much more politely).

2) Please GO SLOW OUTSIDE the store too. There are elderly patrons at Waitrose. Please don't be thrashing up the street and powersliding to a stop at the front door, making them drop their shopping in surprise. Though to be fair Jim didn't mention any powersliding, or dropped shopping. He just asked if can we please go slow and be aware of the other customers when approaching the store.

3) Please try not to mob the store all at once. Apparently there was a bit of a glut of skaters last Sunday. I didn't see it myself, I was about half an hour behind everyone else by which time I was the only one there, which I must say made shopping a breeze. Spread yourselves out, send one person instead of three, that sort of thing, if you can.

And that's it - three simple points points that apply pretty much equally to all customers really, not only en-wheeled ones.

The good news, as I say, is that Waitrose want us to keep coming and are - on the record - happy to have skaters in the store, on their skates. It's a very positive and open attitude and not one shared by all supermarkets in London and is worth preserving. We, skaters (and it's me saying this, not Jim), need to uphold our end of the deal here by being good customers. Please do your best therefore and give the props to Waitrose that Waitrose is giving to us.

Cheers & Happy Strolling

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Re: Waitrose Belgravia - Sunday Strollers Please Read!

Postby GumbieBEN » Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:31 pm

Excellent attitude bt the Waitrose manager!

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Re: Waitrose Belgravia - Sunday Strollers Please Read!

Postby mit » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:48 am

Worth having an announcement about this before and particularly after the Stroll, so it's fresh in peoples' minds when they head over there!

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Re: Waitrose Belgravia - Sunday Strollers Please Read!

Postby Look no Skywater » Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:28 am

After may be too late as a bundle of people may have gone on the way back to the park if we come back that way. Half time would be a good time. Or don't mention it as that might cause extra traffic but have a marshal or two break off early with some small printouts standing outside Waitrose to inform the punters about the request. That also has the advantage that we are showing Waitrose that we are acting on their request.

Won't be me this weekend as I am at the LSST fun day for the stroll.

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