Anyone fancy a spot of babysitting?

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Anyone fancy a spot of babysitting?

Postby SimonCS » Thu Jan 13, 2005 4:22 am

Hi all,

Yup still alive - livin' it up out here in Sydney.
Was out skating last night with Sydney Bladders - (28degrees, nice!)

a couple of the boys are coming to do a stretch in London and paris and bringing their skates. I have told em all about our style of skating and they are pretty keen to try it for themselves.

Their idea of a skate, spends a lot of time on the pavement, and stops every 200yds. So i reckon a suicide skate should wake them up. Definitely should include Haymarket - in fact could take em on one of the West london routes i did. Don't get me wrong though - they can skate.
They love hills - we have plenty of them here which makes London look like childs play - but not so much traffic. Although one of the guys - Phil had a fight with a taxi on one of the hills last night - needless to say the taxi won, and it meant a trip to hospital for him. Nothing changes - 26000km and it's still the same old problems!

The boys are Phil, Ivan and Dave.

Email me your mobiles/email addresses and i will pass these on to the boys so they can contact you.

Sparky - leave it in your capables to organise a skate for them?



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