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Welcome to the Technique, Tips and Equipment forum

Postby Duncan Clarke » Tue Feb 24, 2004 2:27 am

Guide to using the Technique, Tips and Equipment forum

The Technique, Tips and Equipment forum is for the discussion of skating skills and related equipment. It is for
  • Queries about how to perform moves and tricks
  • Advice on improving technique and skills
  • Requesting and giving feedback on specific items
  • Discussing maintenance and modification of kit
  • Comparing different styles, models and manufacturers etc.
Though the types of equipment used in skating is varied, this forum is specifically about that which is directly related to skating. Not for example, MP3 players, Frisbees, beer etc, even if you feel they are inseparable. Examples of equipment to be discussed include, though not exclusively
  • Skates & related accessories
  • Protection (pads, helmets etc)
  • Skating Tools
  • Related Sports Equipment (eg, hydration packs, skin suits etc)
Discussions on where to buy equipment, find an instructor etc. are probably best posted in the Commercial forum.

Please try and keep to the Posting Guidelines.

Best regards,
Duncan Clarke
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