'Born again' skater....?

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'Born again' skater....?

Postby r3cycla » Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:39 am

Hi all.

Just wanted to say 'hello', and that The forum is excellent.
I've been dropping-in as a visitor occasionally, and I thought I'd finally become a member.

I used to skate quads '...back in the day....', (when 'Hatchet Thatcher' was destroying the Country !) and only re-discovered skating when one of my Kids encouraged me back on them when he started playing roller hockey.

Any way, bought some inlines, MX cross (not that good), but I got the bug.

Still had some of the 'old' skills, ( like falling with style and waiting 'till no-one else is around to check just how big the graze on my knee is !),and I mainly skated in the local industrial estate,to adjust to the in line wheels, (a bit like walking a tightrope), but it's paying off, I'm improving fast and I'm lovin' it.

I now skate when and wherever I can, and thanks to my Son, I have a growing (shared. :lol: )skate collection, Solomon thunders with 237 alu frames, RB-8's with Seba 243 frames and Fr1's with 285 frames and 90mm wheels.

I reckon that almost qualifies me for 'Born again' status.
All I need to do now is give up all other 'worldly goods' and join a skating community..........Hallelujah!

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Re: 'Born again' skater....?

Postby Retrolin » Fri May 17, 2013 6:52 pm

Amen to that :D. haha, I love this post and I don't know why it hasn't got any comments yet.

Like you I am recently back on the skating scene after a huge hiatus of about 12 or so years.
I used to be able to grind rails and all sorts. but in my heavier adult frame it's a lot more difficult that I remember, and the bigger you are the harder you fall. XD
I'm going about twice a week to the Brixton skatepark and have been rapidly gaining my old skills again. I'm yet to do the grinds yet. It would be nice to have someone show me how its done, as the rail looks awfully sharp and I wouldn't want to fall on it.

Like you I'm looking to meet fellow skaters. the forum looks a friendly place to start, but I might just have to attend one of the meetups. :D

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