Karstadt Ruhr-Marathon April 26

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Karstadt Ruhr-Marathon April 26

Postby Silke » Mon Apr 19, 2004 6:28 pm

For all who are skating the Karstadt Ruhr-Marathon
( http://www.karstadt-ruhrmarathon.de ) next Sunday:
It is said to be really fast and the streets shall be really really good. :)

And who still hasn´t got enough from skating afterwards:
There is a really nice skate-event in duisburg (not far from Essen) on sunday of round about 30km which starts at 18:ooh (http://www.duskatet.de)

And if anyone should skate the Düsseldorf Marathon on May 2:
There is a nice pasta-party the day before in the restaurant Vetro
Reservation: http://www.dusforum.com

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